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Our activities


International high technology solutions in a wide range of defense and homeland security. Command control communications , computers intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance and advance electro-optics systems …
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End to end satellite-based broadband communication solutions for commercial and government entities …
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Equipment and products for aesthetic applications

Koortrade via her subsidiaries Astraco Medical Networks ltd and Advance Medical Esthetics offered medical aesthetic devices and cosmeceutical technologies. The companies offers a wide range of …
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With over 20 years of agronomic expertise in global market Koortrade unique mixtures and formulations are specifically designed to help growers meet their challenges .Via subsidiaries in Thailand Vietnam and Mexico Koortrade offer wide range of Crop …
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Flavor and Fragrance

Koortrade via her subsidiary in Singapore Scents&Blends create , develops ,manufactures and market an extensive variety of high quality flavors and fragrance for customers mainly in the food and beverage industry. The company exports the products to …
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Food Manufacturer

All Natural Kitchen is a food manufacturing company located in Australia that was formed in 1994. All Natural Kitchen produce prepared foods and meals for the hospital, aged care, food service industry and retail stores …
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Imaging equipment and services

Koortrade via her subsidiary CIS offer an extensive range of services and equipment for the Medical Imaging Industry. Our experienced and reliable technicians service a broad range of medical equipment …
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Industrial printing machines, including 3D printers and raw materials for the printing industry

Via subsidiary in Mexico D T TEC , Koortrade offers Wide range of industrial HP printers, Stratasys 3D printers and raw materials for the printing industry …
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About Koortrade Ltd.

The Koortrade group offers worldwide commercial solutions in a wide variety of areas.

Over the past six decades, since its establishment in the nineteen sixties, Koortrade has acquired unique contacts and extensive marketing capabilities worldwide. The Group’s twelve subsidiaries are located in strategic locations around the globe, including Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico  and Australia, employing a total of 250 workers. The Group’s experienced marketing and technical professionals provide sales and after-sale services as well as technical support.

Koortrade Ltd. Activities

With 12 subsidiaries around the world and a total of 250 employees, Koortrade Group Ltd operates in 8 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico and Australia.
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