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Infrastructure – In the era of instant global communications, cutting edge telecommunication infrastructures are vital for the success of international companies. Leveraging the reach and power of satellite, high-performance networking and telephony between a central hub and tens of thousands of locations span large geographical areas without any need for terrestrial infrastructure.

Other infrastructure related services include the planning, design and development of switching products, project management and delivery of turnkey telecommunication projects. Added value is acquired through the provision of NPI management, System House Services and complete supply chain excellence.

Video Conferencing – Videoconferencing provides real-time visual communication solutions, bridging geographical distances between work teams separated by thousands of miles. Videoconferencing systems are designed to provide optimal level team meetings, classroom environments, and corporate communications systems.

The systems are ideal for a wide range of applications including business, distance learning, medical, financial/banking, security/surveillance, legal and other areas.

Monitoring of Businesses and Homes – Alarm services feature consulting, installation, electronic surveillance and maintenance aspects. In addition, responses are offered for burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control systems and CCTV systems. Systems are customized to the clients’ needs, ranging from private homes and businesses to public or government facilities.

Loss Prevention – Shoplifting and employee thefts are two of the main threats to any enterprise’s assets. The Group offers comprehensive solutions including the implementation of procedures and applications in advanced technologies with the aim of significantly reducing losses.

Access Control – Access control is a vital security method that ensures that only authorized personnel or individuals are allowed to enter restricted areas. Access control is a vital tool for the prevention of shoplifting – Koortrade offers solutions such as store-exit pedestals which are configured to detect special tags and labels attached to garments or hard goods, thus effectively deterring shoplifting.

IT Security – Information Technology security has become vital to every company’s survival. Sophisticated computerized systems must be protected against hackers who may penetrate these systems in order to acquire and manipulate vital information. Koortrade provides state-of-the-art methods to protect and reinforce IT systems.

Security at Schools, Colleges and Universities – Koor trade offers
customized and comprehensive combination of physical ecurity
methods and tools which provide effective screening and protection at schools and campuses.

Security Systems at Prisons – For obvious reasons, security systems at prison compounds must provide optimal performance. The Group provides automatic systems are linked to a single control center, thus reducing human intervention to a minimum. The unique design encompasses the entire premises of the penitentiary from the outdoor electronic gates and sensors to the indoor peripheral setup.

The Group markets wide range of products and services in the field of agriculture, including:

Irrigation – Activity in this area involves the marketing, design and implementation of turnkey irrigation projects tailored to the specific needs of each client. Main products include drippers, integral driplines, sprayers, foggers, sprinklers, PE and PVC pipes.

Agricultural Mechanization – The Group markets a wide range of agricultural machinery.

Agricultural Crop Protection Materials – Koortrade is the exclusive distributor of crop protection materials produced by leading world manufacturers; The Group offers a comprehensive line of field-proven herbicides, acaricides and plant growth regulators suited to different crop varieties and climatic conditions.

Erection of greenhouses – Long lasting, multi-layer photo-selective films are provided for use in greenhouse and tunnel covering applications, thus providing a unique combination of durability and light transmission.